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StarTrac Edge Elliptical Trainer

StarTrac elliptical trainers provide the closest experience to being at the gym that you can find for your home.

The Edge model is actually a used commercial elliptical trainer that has been re-furbished by StarTrac and sold with a factory warranty at a significant discount to the price of a new model.

The StarTrac Edge Elliptical Trainer does not give you a lot of the extras you find on other trainers, instead you pay for a rock solid training experience and the knowledge that it will last for many ears.

Features of the StarTrac Edge Elliptical Trainer include a long stride length with over sized pedals, 15 resistance levels and 11 training programs.

Unlike most other elliptical trainers, the StarTrac does not offer an upper body workout.

Note: The StarTrac Edge Elliptical Trainer has been discontinued.

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