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Image 8.5 Elliptical Trainer

The Image 8.5 Elliptical Trainer is intended for those that want to exercise but by choice or necessity can only spend a few hundred dollars.

The Image 8.5 Elliptical Trainer includes a number of features you would only expect on higher priced machines.

The elliptical stride length is a reasonable 17.5 inches and you get half a dozen training programs as well as a cooling fan and heart rate contact grips.

The issue with cheap equipment is almost always durability, they just don’t last long enough and you end up looking penny wise and pound foolish so you pay more in the long run.

With that in mind, in mind, consider paying a little more for an elliptical trainer and look at an entry level Schwinn, Proform, Livestrong, Yowza, Sole or Smooth, all of which will give you a better experience for a lot longer for under $1,000.

Note: The Image 8.5 Elliptical Trainer has been discontinued

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