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New Balance 9.0 Elliptical Trainer

In recent years, manufacturers of sporting apparel have put their brand on equipment to leverage their brand. This started with Reebok and now New Balance has joined in, with less than positive results.

New Balance makes great running shoes but the New Balance 9.0 Elliptical Trainer is not up to the same standard.

The New Balance 9.0 Elliptical trainer design is somewhat narrow, leading to a feeling of instability when using the elliptical at higher intensities and the maximum user weight of 300 lbs. Foot pedals are cushioned for comfort.

The stride length is a full 18 inches which compares well to other elliptical trainers in this price range as do 16 levels of resistance, while heart rate can only be monitored with contact grips.

The New Balance 9.0 Elliptical Trainer’s 2 year warranty on electronics and 1 year on parts is good, but only 10 years worth of coverage on the frame is less so.

You will do better with the basic elliptical trainer from Smooth or Livestrong.