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Xterra FS5.25E elliptical trainer

The Xterra brand originated with off road bike racing and the name has found itself on a variety of products and the FS5.25E elliptical trainer is one.

The actual manufacturer of the FS5.25E also builds Sole elliptical trainers, which have an excellent reputation for toughness and durability.

The Xterra FS5.25E elliptical trainer, with its very long 20 inch elliptical stride, is solidly built for around $1,000 machine, including dual rails for added stability, making the 350 lbs max user weight more realistic.

The Xterra FS5.25E elliptical trainer is a front drive machine with the ability to change the incline of the elliptical motion requiring added cardio effort, sort of like running uphill.

There are 3 incline settings, though you have to get off the elliptical trainer and select them manually rather than just push a button.

The Xterra FS5.25E elliptical trainer also includes music docking station with speakers and a cooling fan, while more than 10 programs add training variety.

At this price point, 3 years parts and 1 year labor warranty is becoming standard among the better manufacturers and the Xterra FS5.25E elliptical trainer is in line with this new standard.

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