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LifeCore CD500 Elliptical Trainer

The CD500 is one of several center drive elliptical trainers offered by Lifecore.

Designed around 2 smaller flywheels positioned on either side of the user, as opposed to designs with a single flywheel either in front or rear, center drive elliptical trainers offers several advantages.

The CD500 has received a “Best Buy” rating, and for good reason.

With the center drive design of the CD500, the user is in a more upright position and the foot pedals are positioned closer together, something many users find more comfortable.

The elliptical motion is more linear, less up and down, which not only increases the comfort level but also puts less stress on the feet.

A further benefit of a center drive elliptical trainer is compact size. With a length of 42”, it is far shorter than other types, making it well suited for people who have little space to accommodate an exercise machine and front mounted transport wheels make it easy to move around.

A width of 31” and unit weight of 262 lbs ensure a very stable, smooth and quiet ride, even when going at full force.

Stride length is adjustable, from 17” to 25”, making it ideal for users of any height and well suited for a household of several users.

Foot pads are large and cushioned for extra comfort.

The CD500 offers a variety of training programs and 20 levels of resistance, all controlled from a large, user friendly LCD display.

Heart rate can be monitored either through the handlebars or by using a chest strap, which can help keep your heart rate in the target zone.

Nice touches that go a long way to make a long workout endurable, is a water bottle holder and shelf for supporting a book or magazine.

A 5 year warranty on parts and 1 year on labor is excellent and clearly shows that Lifecore stands behind the CD500.

The Lifecore CD500 is designed to stand up to serious and prolonged home use while providing a stable, enjoyable experience for multiple users.

The CD500 does lack some features typically found in this price range but the price is invested in what matters, quality of ride and construction.

The “Best Buy” award is well deserved.

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