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Before you Buy an Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainers have taken off in popularity in recent years as an alternative to treadmills. The elliptical trainer provides serious cardio workout without stressing the legs and feet.

As with anything that gains in popularity, the choices available to the consumer have increased dramatically, with elliptical trainers available for few hundred dollars to the near equivalent of a slightly used economy car.

Livestrong elliptical trainers have good stride lengths

So here is what you should consider when choosing what elliptical trainer to buy. Obviously you have a budget and a good rule of thumb is to spend at the high end of the range, especially if you can identify specific features that matter to you.

Next consider stride length. If the elliptical trainer is too small for you, nothing else really matters, you will never be comfortable on it and your money has been wasted.

For most people, an elliptical stride length of 16 inches is the minimum you should be looking for, while tall people should look for 18 inches or more of stride length.

Smooth elliptical trainers have excellent warranties

Next, check how stable the machine is and how smooth it operates. All ellipticals come with a maximum userweight, subtract 50 lbs from that number to be on the safe side.

If you can try the elliptical trainer out in a store great, if not, read the ratings and reviews from existing customers.

The last of the basics to consider is warranty. This is not only about the peace of mind you will have knowing for how long problems will covered by the manufacturer but it also tells you how confident they are in the product they are selling.

Yowza elliptical trainers have interesting and unique features

Don’t settle for anything less than lifetime on the frame and 1 year on parts and labor. Some brands cover parts up to 3 years.

Once you have determined that the elliptical trainer is large enough, stable when used and with a smooth operation, it is about what features you need and are willing to pay for.

These features include number of resistance levels, variety of training programs, adjustable incline, cooling fan, heart rate monitoring, docking station with speakers and internet connectivity.