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Elliptical Trainer Maintenance

An elliptical trainer represents a sizable investment, and by providing proper maintenance you will not only add years of service, but also make each use of the trainer as enjoyable as possible.

First, put a rubber exercise mat on the floor to reduce vibrations and noise in addition to protect the floor and assemble the trainer on top of it. That will eliminate the need to move hundreds of pounds of ungainly elliptical trainer around afterwards.

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Next start assembly of your elliptical trainer and follow directions to the letter, the instructions are included for a reason. If parts don’t seem to fit, chances are that you are the problem, so take your time and don’t hesitate to call customer support.

Some manufacturers offer white glove delivery which includes setup of your elliptical trainer. This typically costs several hundred dollars but when considering the time and effort you are avoiding, it may be worth considering especially if you are elderly.

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Your elliptical trainer should also come with a tube of grease. Follow instructions and don’t be afraid to apply generously (another benefit to the floor mat is catching excess grease), you can easily get more. Going forward, follow the maintenance guidelines in the instruction manual.

Clean your elliptical trainer on a regular basis. Sweat accumulates on the machine and is not only disgusting but can lead to corrosion. Also vacuum around and under the elliptical on a regular basis especially if your shoes are also used outdoor and you are tracking dirt. Even a little bit will accumulate and get into sensitive areas.

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A month after assembly and after your elliptical trainer has settled in, go back over all the fasteners used during assembly and tighten those that need it.

Should your elliptical trainer start developing noises, chances are that they will not go away by being ignored. While they could be benign, chances are that they signify something is not right. Check all fasteners and apply lubricant as per the manual. If that still does not solve the problem, consider calling in a specialist, particularly if your elliptical trainer was expensive. The manufacturer should be able to recommend local help.